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    • It's ok to use it but not OK to sell it into the market, they wouldn't be able to open a shop and sell it in the EU. The Atom is a brilliant harness, they've honed it over many years and they seem to have a good quality control system as a company. I've used these many times and I'd recommend them for comfort. I was a Petzl fan until their most recent iterations but they're great products too. CMC are a global player so I'm a bit surprised to hear they haven't got the CE approvals yet.
    • Im looking into getting the new CMC Atom full body harness, I had a email back from them saying "Our Atom Harness is UL certified to NFPA 1983, though it is not CE certified at this time" Is this ok to use in the UK and Australia as it dose not have a CE number? Also, I know this is new but has anyone got experience with this harness? Thanks
    • If you’re employer is paying for NDT stick with that. Entertainment rigging really needs to be learned on the job, the OPITO system carries no weight in the entertainment industry. Either approach companies directly explaining your background and interest, or take a short course to get the basics down. Chris Higgs book An Introduction to Rigging in the Entertainment Industry is a good resource to familiarize yourself with the equipment commonly used etc.  If you are UK based then the National Rigging Certificate (NRC) by PLASA is what you’ll want to aim for. 
    • Your 'first time' on the ropes is a lot less important than what it is you actually do once the worksite is accessed. First time Rope Access techs, with zero industry experience, zero marketable skills etc will always be bottom of the rung - someone with your skils and experience shouldn't really see too many problems in gaining employment within the Rope Access industry. Rates with the Rope Access ticket will always be higher than what you'd achieve without it.
    • Guest Kieran
      Thanks, I have found it very slow getting my first start tbh. What sort of rate should I expect? I come from pipelines, oil and gas refineries, vessels and rigs on carbon and exotic pipe work as well as structural and fabrication stuff.  What companies are likely to take on first timers on the ropes?  Thanks
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