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  1. He could always ask his foreman , or site manager to sign. As long as he shows some variation in access techniques in the log book, not just working as a scaff in his harness then he should be ok. But then again i am not an assessor, and they are too far up their own and each others bum holes to see common sense
  2. Paul, from reading the thread you do not even have the IRATA level 1 ticket yet. Of course no one is going to say yeah we will give you a start when you get your level 1. Do you realise how many time wasters HR departments will have to deal with ? You have scaff ticket, and you will probably get your Level 1 by the end of this week. That will be the time companies will consider hiring you and not before you get the relevant rope ticket
  3. Are they having a laugh ? The IRATA Health and safety committee bothered to issue a document saying some paint, a radio , a tool bag, an Ultrasonic set, and a bit of s*** got dropped, causing a small bruise . I got a paper cut yesterday whilst reading a risk assessment , it really bloody hurt . I will complete a RIDDOR form and send it off to Irata, with any luck it will be included in the next IRATA safety notice.
  4. Mate if you are already a qualified scaff, you will most likely have 3 times the balls and twice the work ethic of most of the new level 1's Yes it will be a tough to get a start, you should try steeplejack companies, scaffs who can get on ropes are perfect for that type of work. The receptionist at Talon is a liar, the vast majority of new level 1's will find it hard to get a start, unless they know someone. When i was running a training company, i would always tell potential students up front. Yes it will be hard to find a job, but the job it's self can be very hard. If you don't
  5. What makes you think you will enjoy working on windmills, any more than working as a plasterer ? The grass is not always greener on the other side . When it is cold and pissing it down, i am sure your mate would rather be inside plastering, than working in the middle of no-where on a poxy windmill freezing his nuts off
  6. Stupid slut, when i was running a training company, we would hunt around for customers…. activly chase them. If i had found out some daft tart in the office had responded to a potential client in such a manner. She would have found herself in a harness on a pair of ropes with no jumar or croll with a set of knots below her.
  7. You might want to take an English comprehension and spelling course while you are at it
  8. Not to sure about the comment of window cleaning being on the lower end of the skills spectrum, ( lower paid yes ) If you find yourself, as part of a crack window cleaning team, you will soon realise it takes a hell of a lot of skill to be able to keep up with the rest of the team , and make the windows clean. I hate window cleaning myself.But i have done enough of it to know how hard it is
  9. I have been on the ropes for well over 20 years, i have no idea of my fav set up , i just get on the fnuckers and go to work. I am right handed when it comes to wnaking and writting but ambedexdrious, when i am on the tools
  10. Mike i no longer have the free time to bugger about testing bits of kit. I seem to remember you are a trainer / assessor , is that correct ? Do you think the shunt would work with an Absorbing lanyard . I am sure it would Or for that matter Croll or Jumar used as a back up with the Asorbica ? SRTE in Australia make a croll like device that many Ozzie's would use as a back up, they claim the teeth are different to a croll, and they would just stick a cow's tail on it I am just asking the question, it doesn't mean i am gonna start putting an Asorbica on our shunts if you say it would wor
  11. Will it hold 2 person load FF1 when locked off ? And if so is it possible to unlock it ?
  12. Handrails ( Bases ) are the same as any other tempory anchor point, some are good enough some are not. Without any clear photos, it would be impossible to say if the handrails in question would be a good anchor
  13. Bloody hell, you say you use 3 or more handrail bases, what will you do if you have a team of 8 blokes ? It would take you 3 days to rigg the job FFS
  14. They were nothing to do with me, they had their own sub-contract on a job i was on. I saw the ropes blow round the corner as they rigged them. I thought "oh thats so funny" what i knew would happen just happened. they got stuck at around 10am and stayed there until 5-6pm. I guess they didn't fancy climbing up 20 floors I had stopped them both killing themslves the day before when they were buggering about setting up a retrievable abseil line. They were racing and were both about to get on the wrong line, the daft Cnuts had only set up one line each hahahha. They were both my age and b
  15. Yeah wind is a funny one, you can use the guideline for wind speed as an excuse to stop. If anyone questions you, and if you are not taking the piss, just get them to go out in the wind like your supervisor did. It all depends on where you are working and what task you are undertaking, and your exposure to the wind. A bloke just working a few meters away around the corner may not be feeling anywind at all. I worked with 2 guys many years back who classed themselves as IRATA level 7 !!!. They were in fact brand new levels 2's. They insited in abseiling on a particular elevation even t
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