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  1. Very good company to work for, look after their regulars well and pay well.
  2. Wish I'd had a camera with me. Bosuns chair attached to the rope and tech attached to the chair!!!!! Scary stuff. And they're getting paid mega bucks..................... about 5 quid a day!!!!!!!
  3. Hunting for work mate, been off for 2 months now, wedding and all that. Might end up going to Nigeria for a change. Need to get some long term work again. Mrs wanting to go to Scotland for xmas and new year, she's in for a f**kin' shock as she thinks it gets cold here in Dec/Jan
  4. Once I got what I needed about a week. Had to back it up with chain blocks and a 3t tirfor as it was flexing way to much with a 5t crown cluster on it!!!!!!!!!!!. Big Welshman and Zan the man on it with me. Good job
  5. Anyone worked for the Russel Smith group out in Nigeria? Cheers in advance.
  6. Was a bastard building a 5m high A frame with no pole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Watched guys in Bangkok last week using the same method except no back-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Coffin dodger, now that's rich. What you got lined up next mate?
  9. Ahhh 15 guilders and 5 free drink tickets hate to think what it would cost these days Think it was an extra few guilders back then to use the sauna and pool
  10. Jeeeeeeezus. You don't want to be applying for any work out in Asia if you think it's a bit warm in the UK!!!! Pablo who you ripping of, sorry, working for in Holland? Ah the OQ in Rotterdam, many a good night spent there
  11. The bald one (SPANNERS) has been in the yards in Singapore these last few years running new builds. Just finishing the last one now so it'll be back to work for you Spanners me boy Tom managed to get into the forum at last, bloody server on here's clockwork me thinks
  12. Even better, keep the fck away from shitty jobs
  13. "King Size! ......not sure about all those love children we left in Sing but Charlie ain't mine!" Definatly not one o mine either Had to climb to the crown today, sure I've left imprints in the steel
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