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  1. where I work it is covered in our procedures and our clients.
  2. Has anyone seen any studies or documentation on the effects of hydrocarbons on soft gear and in particular our ropes? I'm particularly interested in the effects of crude oil.
  3. Usually I stick the soft stuff in the washing machine and drip dry in a cool dry place. However I have just climbed out of a cargo tank and need to use something a bit more serious... anyone know how serious i can get??? would WD-40 and a trip to the machine a a bit to vicious? what about a cap full of rigwash????
  4. “Having the capacity to lead is not enough. The leader must be willing to use it.”

  5. Try this...EPOCHLT manual.pdf and here is something useless... Epoch_LT.en.pdf
  6. Thanks guys. I have followed the link and google translated it. This is obviously a tragedy! Operators like this can do severe damage to our industry due to negative media, hence my reluctance to post the pics initially. They will also work as awesome scare tactics on L1 courses to show the guys how not following what has been deemed safe working practice can have some bad results. __________ Now, after a few days after the tragedy begins to receive information about what actually happened on Saturday, August 1, on the building «JW Mariott». According to witnesses, the ev
  7. Unfortunately not I tried the web page that is listed on the bottom of some of the pics but to no avail... that is where my Russian/Kazakhstan/Cyrillic is letting me down. www.today.kz
  8. Can anyone tell me what is going on here??? I received these pics a couple months ago and have never ever found out what is really going on. All I have found out is that some of the pics were taken off a Kazakhstan website, i can't find the story due to my mongo russian skills. I have removed the pics due to their nature, and the negative consequence that could arise from the people not understanding what went wrong. How malpractice, lack of suitable training and equipment can have have terrible consequences, which is what associations like IRATA eliminate, should operators and techn
  9. halfway there.... 14days left

  10. it still is not really as cold as you would imagine in angola today...

  11. Nice to see the positive change in attitude! Having offshore experience is always a bonus, however rope access experience to work on the ropes is essential, a lot of companies aren't prepared to pay for some one to learn how to work on the ropes, so you end up in catch 22 situation. I'm sure being a pipe fitter you have welding experience too, as most have, so you should look into getting your codes, 6G welders are always sort after. It is also good that you are prepared to look down other avenues as this is the best way to open up doors. Having piping experience will definatly give you
  12. stop your greetin ya wee w***e... if you are sooooo qualified and experienced then companies would be screaming for ya... you've obviously burnt all your bridges and thereby rendering yourself unemployable... there are some great guys trying to get into the industry that would definitely provide more positive input than your sour ass... man up pipepup... fair but harsh wido.
  13. You play guitar huh? Up until recently, my entire life revolved around those six strings. What do you like to play?

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