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  1. Your 'first time' on the ropes is a lot less important than what it is you actually do once the worksite is accessed. First time Rope Access techs, with zero industry experience, zero marketable skills etc will always be bottom of the rung - someone with your skils and experience shouldn't really see too many problems in gaining employment within the Rope Access industry. Rates with the Rope Access ticket will always be higher than what you'd achieve without it.
  2. Coded Rope Access welders are well paid and there is a lot of work out there in general. Coded welders are used less in turbine work but there is still work available.
  3. That sounds like a right blast Cylinders..! How are you finding the meditation? Is it really as good as I've heard?
  4. Good to see you back Cylinders!
  5. What a great post..! We try to describe in the CPack its attitude that counts. Getting into Rope Access with the correct attitude can work wonders, combine this with networking with others on each job site and you have created the conditions for gaining a head start over the competition.
  6. Firstly try contacting the companies directly from the map here: https://www.rigg-access.com/map/companies/index.asp?T=Rope-Access-Companies-Map&mapview=ropeaccess Then make automatic speculative job enquiries using your personnel account here: https://www.rigg-access.com/admin/personnel/speculative-job-enquiry-match.asp Then try a job match to see if yous skills line up with any previous requests here: https://www.rigg-access.com/admin/personnel/job-match.asp
  7. Rope Access welders are paid decent rates (depending on codings) and are in demand in most global locations. Rope Access skills are used in most countries around the world now and there's a huge market for Rope Access in the UK so it is a valid option for you.
  8. Have you tried AIA..? https://www.aia.com.sg/en/our-products/life-protection.html
  9. Rope Access live demand by region is here: https://rigg-access.com/admin/personnel/regional-skills-demand.asp Global skills demand is here: https://rigg-access.com/admin/personnel/global-skills-demand.asp Electrician (COMPEX) is always in demand, as are welders and pipefitters. NDT pays good rates and offers a multitude of different career options. Painting blasting is popular but very weather dependent and there's a lot of competition. As I said earlier, your IRATA L2 wont really give you much of an edge finding work, whilst it's always good to move up a level don't upg
  10. Hi Colin welcome to the forum! Your IRATA level doesn't really dictate what type of job you are going to end up with, unless it's a Level 3 in which case you could either be doing the job that you've trained for ie a trade, or supervising a rope access job. Your 'other' skills are what will get you a job - do you have any trade experience behind you? What other skills / qualifications do you have that would benefit an employer?
  11. I think drones will increase in their popularity but there will always be a need for human intervention at some stage of the way. As for food delivery, yes, I can see that happpening more often too but there will always be situations where it just wont be possible to deliver to everyone, so a human will need to take over - Singapore (My most favourite city!) is a great example, it would be impossible to deliver to everyone in that city.
  12. It's a very rewarding job, the training is very enjoyable too.!
  13. I'm glad I could help.! For training companies, see our main website here: https://www.rigg-access.com/map/companies/index.asp?mapview=ropeaccesstrainer You can see operational companies (who employ techs) by selecting it from the drop down list on the page above. There are a lot of other resources in the main site that you can use for more information, I'd encourage you to take a look around. In addition to the above, there's a Facebook group here which will be a big help for you for inspiration and guidance: https://www.facebook.com/womeninropeaccess We're availabl
  14. Hi Claudia Welcome to the forum! There are a lot of women working in Rope Access, not a huge amount by percentage but enough all the same to let you know that what you are asking is achievable. Like most careers, Rope Access depends on what other skills you can bring to the table, however, that may not necessarily just be qualifications or experience - what is almost as important is having the right mindset to achieve your aims. You seem to have that 'go for it' attitude which is really important - starting from the bottom is difficult, tough even, but still achievable with
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