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  1. Hello, My name is Manny Williams. I have been attempting to keep a journal of my rope access career. I started here with nothing but a romantic idea that a career on the ropes was fun and exciting. I gave an account of my experience in NDT school. I told of my introduction on the ropes for my level one. I palavered through the experiences of being a level two, and even shared some exciting and a few embarrassing exploits of level three. I started a little business and had some small success with it, but the sacrifice it takes to devote to it to take it to the big arena were beyond
  2. On this day, five years ago (I've been waitin until today to post), I began this journal of my career in rope access and NDT. It is hard to believe that I didn't know the things I know now. It feels like second nature now. When I started this my intention was two fold: 1: To put information out there about how to get into this industry and the things you could expect. When I started there was little information about the industry. No one told of the heartache of being away from home all the time, or the things in this industry that affect someone's personal life. I didn't see a lot of fa
  3. Darren, Thank you. I messaged you. I have not posted in a long while. Obviously. Working 7x12s or taking advantage of time off in the summer with my kids and wife is where my head has been. I've had some success at getting some small contracts for my fledgeling company. I had thought to start a blog about the experience of starting a company. I have several drafts of an introduction and a couple of follow up post, but the truth is (as anyone who tries to continually engage readers would confess), it takes a lot of time. I have no problem investing time in projects I commit to, but
  4. I like wearing a suit. Sometimes I wear a shirt and tie just to go to dinner with my wife. I totally agree that for most RA type work it would be over the top, I just have so many suits and ties from back in the public speaking days that I feel it a shame to watch them die. Also, I try to occasionally try to network cross industry and it is usual attire for bankers and lawyers...
  5. I find it harder as time goes on to find relevant things to post about too. I'm glad to continue reading about your adventures. Sometimes while I'm driving I look over and wonder where the guy in the car next to me is going. I wonder what he does for a living. I wonder about his family, integrity, success and failures. I wonder if his life is as wide as I feel mine is. I get to see a part of yours and get to know a bit about someone else's life a bit. In this blip of life we have, this short time, I find it an honor to that you give us a piece. Thanks.
  6. Sometimes I think that I had more fun being a level 2. Now don't get me wrong, I wanted to be a level 3. Heck, I am still shooting for more, but I seem to recall getting to be ON the ropes a lot more. I do love rigging. Especially when it is complicated and it requires several guys to get it done. The web we create to get the job done is just darn fun to look at and think "we did that". Recently I worked with a guy who was just FIRED UP about wanting to become a rope access tech. This kid had come from a family where moving dirt all day was the likely career. He was able to get on this
  7. I came from a ZERO experience background. I loved the workout I was being put through during my level 1 (and 2-3 for that matter). I agree with a lot of these guys that it comes together during the last bit of the training. I am glad that the training is rigorous as it helps keep the skill level of incoming techs up. I think someday you will really appreciate this. Welcome. Glad to see you here.
  8. I really am excited to tell what's up, but loose lips sink ships... However, I now have an opportunity to get my IRATA training skills honed and look forward to teaching and growing in that arena. I think I will be a good instructor. Especially when I have a place to work out things in my back yard (I have a small tower that is connected to my sons swingset/fort) and plenty of RA kit. I am really really stoked about that. It's kind of crazy to think that when you first met me I knew very little. Now, with a tons of hard work and practice and and open mind to learn everything I could fro
  9. I have been very busy these last 6 months. There is so much opportunity and the decisions I make may not take me where I want to go. I am in love with rope access. The correct way. The creative way. I will be sharing about all this absence in a post soon, once I get the paper signed. I think there is a lot to learn and I have learned so much from the people I have had the honor to work with and I hope i will always continue to learn . Have a great week! Be safe! Manny
  10. Rope Access Company from Start to Finish COMING SOON!!!
  11. How do I protect my interest (Which seem to balancing on a knife edge) and be candid about what this career entails sometimes? I promise I will explain everything soon. Stupid optimism.
  12. Sometimes no one calls. Sometimes there is more work than you can do. Chin up.
  13. I haven't tried the international field much. You have an advantage with your citizenship though. I think your next step is to figure out what you think you would enjoy doing while you are on the ropes. While playing guitar on the ropes is fun, I have had trouble finding work doing it. I'm always up for it if you come across something! These are some things to consider about this business that are like hidden thorns. You will not likely be home. If you are earning a dollar on ropes, it is usually miles from home. It's tougher than you think if you have a beautiful wife and children.
  14. You know, I did that TV show and it seems that people don't realize that it was just that. TV. If you have been reading this for a while, you would know that it was not my "first time" on a wind turbine, or that a windy mountain road would actually scare me, or that a re-belay is the final test for a level 3. It seems that some rope access people think that it was REAL. Really? I think as a whole the series was not very good. My episode was at least done with a level 3 on the job. But I'd like to clear up a few things as it seems that the reality of it is misunderstood. 1. The
  15. Here is a trailer for an upcoming film about the bands that were around when I was playing. http://www.meltedzipper.com/whenweruledhtown/ I was in the band SPUNK! Who is one of the main bands featured. You can see a few shots of me jamming :0.37-0.45 is the most obvious. I looked a little different back then. We owned. Take a gander: [media=]
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