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  1. He didn’t speak with Irish accent by any chance, multi skilled type of chap, tarmac, roofing, landscape and sells Dags?
  2. "We are delighted to announce that after lengthy discussions and exchanges with the office of the 'Construction Skills Certification Scheme' (CSCS), an agency of the CITB, we have managed to get Industrial Rope Access recognised as skill in itself. What does this mean? " Level 3 Technicians CSCS now accept our Level 3 certificate as the equivalent of a NVQ level 2 qualification and therefore current (in date) Level 3 technicians can apply for the CSCS ‘Blue Skilled Worker Card’. Click here to apply and then click the ‘Search by occupation’ button; and enter the text ‘IRATA’ in the spa
  3. More money in training these days, plenty of eager customers wanting to buy their way into a job. If I was you, I’d clock up some rope hours then get yourself over to Sydney or Malborne and target some window cleaning around the cities. If that’s shit go surfing!
  4. If your heading down under I’d save the cash and “buy” your tickets at the other end. A bunch of tickets purchased in the UK will not be worth the paper they are written on and will of probably expired by the time you get to your destination and will require another cash injection for “refresher” training.
  5. Yes, give your head a good shake and finish what you started.
  6. "Bod Fast" set up is shite, use that harness with a “top croll”
  7. Your client wants a IRATA member to set up a safe system of work and then supervise untrained people to use it?
  8. Fair comment Dunk, keep it real, that's all we require. Cynical ole c**t.......however, works not worth s***e unless the rates right.
  9. Fck me, last of the big spenders.....Audi TT not an R8 then! Mortgage.......isn't that a loan for people with high expectations of work but they generally achieve that statues? Unfortunately tickets are free these days due to government funding to anyone who wants them & their value is somwhat deflated so be aware, there are thousands of bulls***ters reinventing themselves & snapping up job offers regarless of the rates........"for the experience" apparently. Fortunately you cant buy experience but you can get a barrel for $48US so I guess "Dunk" isn't turning down a
  10. Fair comment. Progress is good, different kit different methods. Self risk assessment overrides everything in time of need (approved or not).
  11. Sounds to me like the current theme is to discredit everything & reinvent it but most of the new solutions don't stand up under scrutiny. Why even use a "pull through" if its got issues in 2016. Remove the "choke", anchor off the deck, problem resolved & everyone is in compliance. The pulley is a shit idea, probably the only solution on how to choke a steel sling by some bell end. Dirty big steel beaner does it for me & if your arse is nipping, double it up!
  12. Turns out that the use of horizontal wires for hanging off in basic format requires additional equipment, they are not designed for deflective loading...... Same grey area currently being implemented with the pulley that some bright spark decided to include in "isolation pull throughs" type recommended for over sharp rusty beams etc. The issue, they aren't designed to have outward pressure applied to the pulley cheeks, I'm sure you get the picture, stopper knot hard up to the wheel & being arrested by the cheeks.....
  13. If you want to become an authority on bridge types I would look into an engineering degree but I think they take a little longer than two weeks to obtain unless Lavenders are pushing the OPITO approved variety, two for the price of one at the moment in most places. If your looking for bread & butter you wont go far wrong getting your head around concrete. I'm told from a local authority engineer they use anodes in the casting to prolong the decay of the "cheaper" materials within but if you go down that road you'll probably end up stuck in a concrete underground car park in some inner city
  14. A little before my times but those Egyptians knocked up some big kit working from the basics, we are just playing with it in my opinion. Unfortunately we are just scratching the surface, skills lost in the passage of time...... However! We have OPITO Accreditation & for a hand full of cash they will supply certificates for any discipline after a two day course....
  15. Edelrid introduced the first Kernmantel rope in 1953 so I guess the origins of that knot will of been around that date?
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