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  1. Jan & Mike on the Glasgow Cinema.... if anyone has Jan's contact details plz pass on. Thx
  2. Our man Flint McCulloch, Garry Donaldson (RIP) Jim Gill & Pat Gunson (RIP) I miss those days, going to work and having fun while learning so much about different workscopes.... Thosewere the days!
  3. Hahahahaha, Glasgow on the Cinema.... Little & Large!
  4. Big Dougie at Braefoot Bay....
  5. RigPig

    A Day in the Life...

    Myself and a Team of guys were the first to complete this job wayyyyyyyyy back...... great ste, great views of Glasgow and one of the best RA Teams I'd ever worked with thanks to Chris Chapman who got us the deal... I miss my RA days... all the best lads, enjoy
  6. The hours wouldn't really count for me mate. If you had 500hrs but you had varying types of Access, some easy some more difficult I think personally that this would count for more. You could effectively have 10,000hrs that means NOTHING if you simply go up and down straight Ropes. Working underdecks, traversing, Rope Transfers etc being logged makes a huge difference to Employers. I do agree with CD tho... 1,000hrs is a decent amount to get going and push for work. Good Luck
  7. I can see if I can get hold of the "Swing Arm" and load here too mate if you like. I'm sure it's kicking about somewhere.... emails? How is it going forward mate, any news?
  8. Yeah Tom, Hole-Watch (CSE Safetyman) Air Horn, Register of peeps who go in/out.... all the usual stuff. They were looking to me to help make up some sort of detailed Rescue Plan for various Scenarios but I couldn't think too many issues apart from perhaps scraping him a little coming out in a hurry.... but I'd rather that than Dead! I have a further meet with him amd we do have a new piece of kit specially designed for this entry/exit. Basically like a "Swinging Arm" that can protrude into the Access Hatch and can hold a Load so the Scaffold part may even be excluded from the above, which
  9. Email I received today in reference to the CSE Rescue Scenario: I was talking to the Sulzer guy this morning about how they work inside the vessel. He said they work top down and use the man ways directly above each other closest to the side wall/entry of the vessel, this is so they do not have to crawl in between the trays too much. In all the other projects he has worked on around the world, (including ExxonMobil Singapore)They do not use any fall arrest whilst inside for fear of it getting caught or damaging the trays, and a person won’t fall too far as he will become wedged anyway, (400
  10. RigPig


    It's a Boat I have, not a Sub!
  11. Here are drawings, not sure if it will help though.........There are "hatches on EVERY level inside, making it into crawl spaces all over. Maximum height of most are around 600mm. The JSA Meeting was held this morning regarding the Access, the Work itself and the Materials/Tools to be used. They Plan to enter before 1st week December so time is limited for me guys....... 32-C-06 P1R.pdf 32-C-03 P1R.pdf
  12. I'm trying to get a plan of the Vessel Tom, I may have to email it to you to upload... this ok? It's a weird one mate, even in all my years I have never worked in such a Vessel but I'll pass on what I can, thanks mate.
  13. Ok, call me a Muppet but I need some info from all you Rope Jocky's I need a Generic (if there is one) Rescue Scenario for a rather large Vessel.... approx 100 ft in height This particular Vessel has many many trays going across the entire internal structure that have hatchways to the next level (up/down). It also has "offset" manways and staggered entrance points. What I am looking for is some sort of guidance on a "single man and/or multiple persons" Rescue/s. They have a decent supply of Access Gear supplied by TRAKS in UAE (they know shit about how to use it) but can be trai
  14. I have long since moved on from Rope Access but believe it or not, it was my work history and experience gained in the field of Rope Access that got me where I am today. I am now in the Middle East as a Safety Consultant but started here as a "Lad from the UK that's gonna show you silly c*nts how to dismantle, move and re-build a Rig"! And I did! How? Because I had learned that through persistence, patience, hard work, being a nosey twat and focusing on what I had to do.... like I had been installed in me from various guys I had worked with, ANYTHING is possible! I earned credibility
  15. Just remember lads, you were never the 1st to do it.... I WAS!
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