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  1. alright lads, i am recently undergoing a career change i am ex-army and for the last couple of years have been doing private security stuff however i cant do that for the rest of my life as my luck is bound to run out sooner or later. i have completed L1 rope access, done my UT PCN level 2 and MPI and i have got my offshore survival and medical but still cant seem to get a start anywhere. obviously i have a lack of hands on experience and feel like im in a bit of a catch 22 you cant get work without or so it seems any ideas guys on where to apply or contact for work would be gr
  2. a bangladeshi bloke they can have then
  3. had a phone call from company called oes services offering work as an ndt inspector offshore in the middle east! HOWEVER they were offering 25000 a year doing an 8 on 3 off. didnt sound right to me anyone heard of these before or know why they pay so little?
  4. I have recently completed UT and MPI PCN level 2, Level 1 ropes and offshore survival and Im looking for work wether it be home abroad onshore or offshore however every job I see advertised seems to want experienced guys which is understandable! Any advice on where to look or what i can do to improve my chances of finding work would be greatly appreciated please lads!!
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