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  1. It is - I would recommend it to everyone on Earth. That might sound trite but I really would! Easiest way to start is just 5 minutes a day focusing on your breathing and go from there.
  2. If you plan to go into stage rigging from oil and gas work be prepared to be responsible for your bank manager's impending stroke! If you're doing so out of a desire to follow your passions do so by all means! Money isn't everything, and it certainly isn't guaranteed or everlasting.
  3. Claudia, some of the best techs I have worked with have been women. In fact my favourite Level 3 was a young lady that I started working alongside when she had first attained her Level 1 qualifications (I hang around at Level 2 cause I like being on the tools haha). There are many skills that are applicable in RA and it's not necessary to have any of them when beginning though it certainly helps! Window cleaning is a great place to start, as the varied nature of the rigging, combined with a repetitive and relatively straightforward task will allow you to focus on becoming proficient in setting
  4. I am still alive! This forum appears to be a little bit dead these days, I hadn't logged in for ages personally. Hope there's still a few people getting around the traps? Not really sure how to sum up the last 6 years so I'll just list off a few things I suppose; wind farms, solar farms, radio masts, iron ore and gold mining, telecommunications rigging, blasting & painting, rope access welding, sailing, travelling Oz in my troopcarrier, surfing from the North West to the South West, the Southern Ocean, and the East Coast, a couple sharks, hearts broken, mended and broken again, w
  5. Hi Admin and Michael, It's been a very long time hasn't it! Just a quick heads up for Michael, I've been working in the mining and wind energy industry for the past 3 years here in Australia and can give a small insight into the rates for BMs. A BM is usually given a slightly higher rate than rigger ropies or slightly less than level 3 ropies. That might sound great, but I've been on multiple shutdowns where the BMs on the ground are making more than the BMs on the ropes. It's a head scratcher for sure but basically it comes down to the market differences
  6. Wow you will definitely be hearing from me soon 3point! I've ended up booking my Dogging to Advanced package with Site Skills Australia at their Perth training centre. I chose WA because for some reason the training packages are much cheaper in WA than elsewhere. SSA are a nationwide organisation and the prices for similar training in QL and NSW was much higher. I got Working at Heights, Confined Space, Dogging, Basic Rig, Intermediate Rig, and Advanced Rig for a total of 3770 AUD (completed with a 4 week timetable), whereas just Dogging, BR, and IR was 4650 AUD (in 3 weeks) with the s
  7. Alrighty so things are about to kick off again in a week or so... Have a nz passport on the way. Shelved the indo holiday for next year (or maybe altogether as it seems played out over there). Missus is sated and although sad, okay with me leaving for an extended period of work and training. Flying to Perth on the 16th, to start a package of courses with Site Skills Australia. 1st week - Dogging 1st Saturday - Working at Heights 2nd week - Basic Rigging 2nd Saturday - Confined Space 3rd week - Intermediate Rigging 4th week - Advanced Rigging I've only got a one way ti
  8. Hi everyone, I am looking into going to Australia for a month to knock out my Dogging, Basic and Intermediate Rigging tickets in the near future. I am looking for any advice you guys might have with regards to the best training organisations in the land. Anyone have any experience with this type of training in Aus? Any good or bad stories to relate? I'd really love to hear them. Cheers!
  9. Holy heck it's been a while since I updated this thread! To make some extremely long stories shorter, here's the rundown on my current situation. - Gained my IRATA L2 last week from 5th Point NZ. Got a very good pass from Assessor Dan, stoked! - Worked the C & B Block shutdowns at Marsden Oil Refinery for the last couple months, mostly rigging but a few abseils thrown in too. Won a couple safety awards for removing fall from height hazards (200+ items over 5 weeks) - Granted NZ Citizenship earlier this year... now able to work in Oz unrestricted, haha... but seriously, yeow! -
  10. Logic +1 I'm right handed and use a similar set up to Kiero. WL on right, tail over right thigh, BU on left, high as I can. As far as managing ropes from there, I prefer to keep a small amount of rope on ground, no knots (if it reaches the ground, otherwise it's tidied slung on itself under the working area). Extra rope is kept coiled at rig points up top, often rigged in ready to go on redundant points, slings and knots as a rescue system. Tidier the better I reckon, really gets up me to spend that half hour at the end of the day untangling someone's laziness. Even worse is an unt
  11. Thanks Tom, Yeah the Royal Canadian Mounted Police seem to still do everything at horseback speeds. Coincidence perhaps that when I emailed through a query about the progress of my check, they responded saying they had finished it "just yesterday" and I could expect it in the mail. Envelope was post dated from after the date of me email so I think there was some egg on face they were trying to hide. Luckily I already have permanent residency in NZ, it's allowed me to hang out here hassle-free for the last 12 years, the citizenship however will give me the ability to enjoy reciproca
  12. costa - no "boily" jobs for me. My tickets are basic downhand positions in the flux-cored mig and manual metal arc methods. Boilermakers would as you say have 4 years of training at least, and be experienced and qualified in many more aspects of welding than I am. One day I hope to have a similar amount of knowledge, I think I may be taking the long way round of doing it on the side. zane - yes I just recieved my six month expiry warning email from IRATA, have been managing to get rope jobs time to time, well within the six month time frame that IRATA allow. Fixing to sit my L2 exams in
  13. Tomo level 3's on site are an irregular luxury in NZ. I was lucky enough to spend almost every day of my first year in the industry alongside a great L3, but since then have not even met another in passing. Admin, yes it would be the job of Department of Labour here. Lot's of RATs are in casual employment agreements which have no clauses protecting weekly income or guaranteed hours. Management can apply a lot of pressure by simply throttling a tech's hours right back, in this tight economy it doesn't take long for a week or two of decreased income to become a crippling burden. Ther
  14. The arguments for unionisation seem easily mooted by examining recent history and applying some common sense to whatever situation is troubling you. The arguments against are proven in points historical, emotional, practical, and financial. Also, I feel like the majority of people who are truly successful in this industry (read that as - they will be around longer than most) will have the least use for a union, and will also be people to whom a union seems like a superfluous entity which has little bearing on the day to day operations of their crew. The industry has a way of forgin
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