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  1. Hi, Manny! With pleasure I read your topic, and even more pleasure watching the Turbine Cowboys. Now I want to try to shoot a working video, because any time I have an interesting job, and I want to ask you, what kind of helmet camera used in the Turbine Cowboys? Contour? Sorry for my English.
  2. I think that during the rescue when you attach your D-point to the carabiner of a descender of a rescued technician, oval carabiner on descender is more convenient.
  3. The strength of a connector is determined by applying an outward force along its length (the major axis) using two round metal bars (see Figure 2.1). If the connector has an asymmetrical shape, the test load is normally applied along a line close to the spine. If the loading in use is not in such a position — for example, because of the use of wide tape slings or double ropes — the weaker, gated side of the connector will take more of the load and its failure load could be less than specified. Static strength tests resulted in strength losses of up to 45%. Therefore, care should be tak
  4. DeafAbseiler, you use SPRAT-technique? Just IRATA negative attitude towards D carabiners.
  5. If not worth in America, is not worth anywhere.
  6. I use a classical Timberland boots, about a year. Just resently change a cord.
  7. Hi, in my opinion Red is similar to the Kong Duck - so simple design. I agree, it must be used in "simple" applications.
  8. Thanks. After the St. Valentine's day - demounting of these flowers.
  9. "Tsvetnoy Central Market", shopping center in Moscow, Russia.
  10. I haw seen unblocked descenders, petzl stop, therefore wondered. I like this show, but they working strangely.
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