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  1. Hmm, seems that I'm the only poster in the Canadian Rope section of the forum lol. Well, here's an update: After the 3 week job in FMM as stated in my last post, no work for quite a while due to the oil prices tanking and season slowing down out east. In 2016, I worked 6 weeks on wind turbines, bit boring, ropes-wise, but got to work with good people! After this job (which got canceled due to a dispute between boss and client), I'd been back in Canada for 3 years by then, I'd worked a total of 4 months on ropes. At this point I was starting to doubt my future in Rope
  2. All right, time for an update! So I passed my L2 with flying colors, whoop! Wasn't too hard, made 2 mistakes, but none that qualified as discrepancies, one was forgetting to tie off the victim to the second I'D during a deviation rescue. not a huge deal, but would have been a problem had I had to do another movement. The other was rigging the pull trough a bit too small and not the best way with a rope protector as it had made it hard to pull down the rope after having abseiled down it. I learned my lessons which is what the assessor wanted. And then a few weeks later, I got hired to work in F
  3. I worked for Goleman actually. I don't know much about Abseil Access, I think they do Geotech. I wonder how much Chch has changed since the Earthquake...
  4. Yeah even one of the inspectors had a hard time understanding the radio, loud environment, fast-talking supervisor seems not to help! I'd have to look into the headsets. All kit is provided by the company so I would have to ask, might be site-dependent. Yeah I feel that those 1000 hours are way long overdue. But I've got them now, that's what matters. I don't think I'll have a hard time with the L2, I've learned most L2 rescues and some L3 rescues thanks to Kyle and some in-house refresher training with the outfit I work with. Just have to watch out for the little things, like scre
  5. Well Back when I was working, we were fixing some of the tall buildings (those that weren't taken down/demolished), but a lot of work was Geotech, stabilizing all the cliffs south of Chch. That was 3 years ago so now I don't know how it is. One of my mates worked all over NZ (wind and maybe some offshore) but I think he was living in CHCH. The Company I worked for had offices in Chch and Welly. Since NZ is relatively small and air travel is pretty quick and not too expensive, I think big RA companies can take you around as needed... DA
  6. All right, I figure now is a good time as any to give an update. So, I started working again for the same outfit as last year, this time on a few bridges to accompany (babysit, really) some government inspectors/engineers. Basically a lot of climbing up and down on the bridges' structure, setting up lifelines and ropes. Plenty a work out! I have now over a 1000 hours in my logbook, so, at the end of Aug, I've booked a spot for an IRATA L2 course and I'll also do a direct entry to SPRAT 2 as recommended by a wind energy firm. After that we'll see what happens. There are some possible big
  7. Your're welcome! If you're on a WHV, and you work for a while with one company, you could ask for a sponsorship towards the end of your WHV. Keep in mind that they have to go through the visa process (prove that there is no other NZ citizen that can do the work, etc...), which can take some time. I don't know how immigration works after that, but I would ask for a sponsorship first and start your immigration process then. Ask around. Good luck! DA
  8. No prob! Honestly, I have no idea. I think they most likely will be subcontracting out any need for RA work to a RA company. I Know that I lot of the work we had in NZ after the Earthquake was parceled out to us and to other RA companies from a big construction company/commitee so that may be the same for other projects. DA
  9. Most big RA companies in OZ will go for L3 to be supervisors (as they follow IRATA guidelines), smaller outfits might task you as site supervisor but I don't know too much to be sure. Whereas in NZ, if you can prove your managerial skills, you could supervise some jobs as a L2. Kyle himself was a site supervisor while he was in NZ. He was a L1 back then, so he's kind of a born manager!
  10. I started at 16, but after probation and 6 months was up to 21-22 IIRC. YMMV but I think 20-25 NZD is about right. Wellington and mostly Christchurch. I guess most of the window cleaning will be in either Windy Welly (Wellington) or Auckland. Good luck!
  11. Yeah, he did, got a good Safety Manager/supervisor job for a good outfit out of Melbs. Been doing some work on turbines and buildings. Keep up the good work Kyle!
  12. Hey y'all, So I did my PCN MPI L2 Cert a year and half ago. I couldn't find work to pick up MPI experience, unfortunately. I remebered that you had a time limit to get 4 months of experience to get certified and if you didn't get those 4 months within that time frame, you had to redo the course, is that right? My google-fu is a bit weak at the moment... I ask because I need to transfer my PCN to CGSB in Canada, and while it's the same ISO standard, from what I hear, I don't want to pay fees for nothing if my transfer application will be refused on account of not getting the the ful
  13. Thanks for the info. I'd already looked up the companies in QC and NS, even NF. Just one thing I`d like to point out, the QC list may need to be updated, Altus seems to either have ceased to exist or been folded into Les Services Exp (which I can't confim). Also Mistras has now a QC Sector after buying out a few outfits. I don't know if the forum is the best place to mention that. Let me know where I can help update the lists. DA
  14. Nifty way of tying the that knot! I'll be sure to use it! Thanks! DA
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