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  1. Yeah I'm doing quite abit of window cleaning lately, it certainly does take some going to keep up with the more experienced lads. It really takes it out of you drop after drop. But I suppose with me being fairly new to the industry it's going to. Never the less with experience of the rest of the team I'm picking It quickly, and loving every minute.
  2. Update on the petzl website now, looks promising I think anyway
  3. Does it matter how long it takes to rig the job, if a handrail is the only option then it's obvious to share the load. And shouldn't the eight man team be able to rig their own ropes and just get the level 3 to check it before they get on the ropes. Fair enough for a brand new level 1, but you wouldn't have a team of brand new techs.
  4. The only thing I've brought in my "kit" myself is a helmet, that's only because I don't want to be wearing some one else's stinky helmet. Tbf the company I'm working for supply everything you need or ask for.
  5. I'm using Quechua Bionnassay boots their great boots, in fact I'd say one of the best pair I worn. Better still they've got a two year guarantee.
  6. Just an update realy I've been in the same job for abit now working with same team, and I'm loving it. It's not easy work but its good. Once you get a start if you put the effort in theres loads of work about even for newbies to the industry, it's been non stop.
  7. Hopefully starting a rope access job soon all being well, so happy tbh... To all the newbies to rope access including myself, looks like hard work does finally pay off. I can't wait for new avenues to open up, I'm going to keep pushing untill I'm the top of my game. Thanks for all the info this site has given me, I may not of posted much, but the info on this site has helped me loads. I'll be sure to post up my future. Once again thank you guys.
  8. Not all work on pylons is rope access work, I think it's mostly fall arrest. Also the painting is usually done by brush. You have the same idea that I had a year or so back, what I've done is got my irata level 1 and got work on the ropes so I'm building my hours up. My advice would be do the same then get some work that involves painting and blasting build your experience up, then go for your offshore tickets. (hopefully that the direction I'm going towards anyway) hope my post helps you.
  9. Hopefully it will. Could anyone tell me how much pay a self employed/sub contractor leval 1 rope access tech should be getting for painting. Btw I'm a fully qualified nvq leval 3 Painter and decorator, I don't know whether that makes any difference.
  10. Thanks for that post Admin, yeah I think I'm going to go for it tbh. I'm only 20 so I think I've got a long career in rope access hopefully. Tbh I've got bags of hard work a determination to give. I left school with not very good grades, not bad but nothing to shout about, I've gone from being the apprentice on a site to being able to run a job and having the qualification to do so. I think I'm going to take the job and just put tones of hard graft in and see what opportunities I make for myself to better my rope access career . Thanks again for you post.
  11. Right I'm after some opinions really, what would you do I you were in my shoes. I'm currently employed doing nothing rope access related just building matainence, but I've been offered a job doing rope building Matainence. But the only difference is the rope access job is being a sub contractor we're as I'm currently directly employed. Now here's the hard bit for me is that the rope access job is only 20 to 30 pound more per day than what I'm getting now on a day work rate. But the company I work for now is most of the time price work so I can earn more most of the time. We're as the rope a
  12. Congratulations mate. I've passed my irata level 1 today I'm so pleased it means I can try and get some work now on ropes. I Wish you all the best mate.
  13. I'm in the same position as you mate, but like the post above says I'm sure if we keep phoning and making contact with company's, something will turn up. Good luck mate.
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