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  1. After the rant, and a nice reminder by Admin? Work found????
  2. Hi Waterat, Thanks for the reply, but it still does not hide the fact that there is one course in the south!!! (For 16! At IRATA HQ) assessors only! One would presume?? There is a large batch of 3s in the South-West-East, who can't make it up to Stafford! So my comment stands at the moment! Courses being run are more suitable for RATs north of Birmingham?? And with limited places on the courses 130 -/+ for a trade that is in the Thousands, it will be interesting to see/hear if the info from TACs is given to the guys and girls on the coal face and not when they update your upgrade
  3. Very good idea, But we need to promote Rigg Access Forum more, to get the numbers up. And Training companies willing to film training or other!!
  4. IRATA busy??? Let's see what happens! PS: are you rolling at app for Android devices??? (I don't do Apples)
  5. Umm, that's not wrong! It seems that IRATA have had their holiday in Las Vagas!!! (Alright for some!), sent out a flyer for Assessors, Trainers and L3s (but I'm still informing L3s about it) about TACs!!!!!! (If you know what TACs are and what its about??? Please tell me or others!!!) Which are being run in the north of the country! Which is good if your an Offshore worker? But no bloody good if down South!! Looking on there website regularly? With little or no updates! For anyone! Unless your a member company?? But even then! There does not seem to be anything coming down to the rank and f
  6. Hi Rich, All of the above is all good if you wish to continue in the construction side. First would be to pass your course then take it from there?? Once you have completed the course! It will be full time sending out CVs to future employers, but don't leave it there and wait for a call from them!! You will need to chase them up yourself (show willing). At the same time you send out your CVs! Start to ring around to start the ball rolling to get your hours in and signed. Once you have been in for a bit! You can then start to see if you want "Offshore or Onshore" employment! Wha
  7. Hi there Jock!!! No name!! You do not need to be IRATA to climb! But with their training it helps!! You will know the legislation, and what to look for! And what "Not to Do" And how it affects you and the person employing you! (If your unhappy doing the job! Walk away, that part does not hurt! Better that than being picked up by ambulance and put in morgue!!!) As I said above, you do not need to be IRATA to climb!! A company you may work for May not be an IRATA company! But they will employ IRATA Techs (because they have been trained following IRATA Guidelines, and deemed safe rope wo
  8. Not sure what happened there ^!! Keiro!! Where and when??? Would like to meet them (chew the cud)
  9. Tomo, There a few companies out there that do not employ Lvl 3, and will only use 1 & 2s, not that there is anything wrong with it (Steeplejacks), but they have no comebacks if anything goes wrong! And the company is fast to blame the techs?? So it does not always work.
  10. Hi Laim, As a "Bootneck" you should have no problems in the industry, as there are loads of Ex Mil on the ropes, it's part and parcel of our background!! As for your questions!! Lots of!! And if lots of people read this post! We will receive (I hope) a lot of answers. With the answers, you will need to make your own mind up. I have been doing for over 12 years and love it, it has had its down times, but you will need to 'Plug away' with your CV and Phone voice. In the mean time stay tuned to "Rigg Access" very good site for info and updates. Keep you head down and good luck in
  11. Teryo, Never had a problem descending, if managed right, descent can be fast and safe. Descent is managed with physics??!!
  12. ?????? Had to think about that one!! I'm right handed, like you I prefer my WL on the right! But I use left hand jammer for my left leg!!!??? Reason being!! I have no right leg??? (Below knee)
  13. So far so good, even with 2 replies (sorry admin). I have also heard techs talk about "A Voice" for us working at the 'Coal Face' whilst the bosses try and hurry us up, and good supervisors telling them "Safety First". Yes there are other discussions on the forum, but they seem to have gone nowhere! With people sending posts with no real good argument as to the "YES" or "NO". Or!!! Is there another system that can be used for the benifit of Rope Access Technicians!!
  14. Thanks for the update Admin. Last was 2011! Have read some of the posts with a few with very little constructive comments??? Time to start again and see where it goes? (You don't know unless you try)
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