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  1. For those that have worked on both.....wind farms or rigs, what’s better and why?
  2. Hi admin !! how do I change my profile name?
  3. Contact Robin Dinmore at ACESCOTT. They looking for some permanent guys in London.
  4. Extreme Access are looking for guys at the moment if you want to work in London? They are especially good at giving the new guys a start. So send your C.V in. www.extremeaccess.co.uk
  5. I thought this forum and website was here to help people, not to flex your muscles and take the piss out of people. I thought someone with your experience Jim Gill would realize that. OK the same questions are asked time after time, but the guys with experience should be there if they choose, to give honest advise. What this forum and industry doesn't need is people mocking the new guys, because one thing that doesn't change is time and time goes bye, and it wont be long when you old guys are gone.
  6. correct me if i'm wrong, but i was under the impression that your working line should be connected to two anchor points, and so should your shunt line? am i right or am i wrong?
  7. any chance you could tell me the name of your company and where you are based?
  8. sorry chaps, I've only been in the business for three years so i still get exited about the simple things, I LOVE MY JOB. i learn new things all the time and i hope i don't stop learning.
  9. help!!! i get a new job notification emailed to me but when i look for it on 'world jobs' it ain't there. the company is ARCHITEN LANDRELL, any ideas admin?
  10. Ye, I understand where you are coming from, but don't worry about it level 2 is a breeze. When I did my level 2 we didn't even write our test. The assessor just took our question e.g papers with our notes written on.
  11. I was recently told by a colleague that he has had his cows tails for a shocking 4 years. He was told by the level 3 to change them or find another company. some people just don't care or are just too stupid to realise what danger they are in. MORE TRAINING!!!
  12. as far as the questions go there are some e.g in your general requirements book (the yellow one). for detailed answers they give you a folder when you do your level 2 course that will help you. But honestly if you are ready to do your level 2 you should know 'most' of the answers anyway. Are you trying to get a head start before you do your level 2?
  13. We usually start around 8 and finish between 4 and 6, depending on the time of year. But the best thing is if the weather is bad or some thing goes wrong on the job, if we've been there for only a couple of hours we get full day rate. This isn't only one company this is all the different companies I work for. Two of the companies pay for accommodation when staying away as well. You sound surprised? I thought this was the normal rate until I spoke to some 'CAN' guys last week.
  14. I would also like to know what direct access is all about? what the rules or regulations are?
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