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  1. Hi all. I am looking at doing a course. Just quick question to see if I did a IRATA course would I still go in to the wind turbine industry or would I have to do a different course for this. Hoping to do a course after all this covid has ended and get on the look for a job in the industry.
  2. Thanks for the reply wild bill. I will see what job I get and weather illl be in once place sat to active.
  3. What is the difference between the standard volt and the volt wind.
  4. We're can I add my information I am a keen climber And I have qualifications in electrical a installation and engineering
  5. Hi all It's been playing on my mind for few years now. But I would like to get trained up and work the ropes but don't no the best way to get in to this industry. Any recommendation will be welcome and searched. If anyone knows of any apprenticeships going also. I can email my cv and cover letter and am willing to travel and live away from home. Thanks nathan
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