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  1. It's ok to use it but not OK to sell it into the market, they wouldn't be able to open a shop and sell it in the EU. The Atom is a brilliant harness, they've honed it over many years and they seem to have a good quality control system as a company. I've used these many times and I'd recommend them for comfort. I was a Petzl fan until their most recent iterations but they're great products too. CMC are a global player so I'm a bit surprised to hear they haven't got the CE approvals yet.
  2. NDT pays way more. Stage 2 training should be done on the job
  3. Arent you the business development manager at Altitec?
  4. We've been using drones in our rope access teams for a while now, thery are a very capable addition to the capabilities of the team. We use it as just another tool though.
  5. You wont find any work offshore with just a Level 1 qualification. You need your offshore survival, medical, MIST etc etx etc.. even then you still wont find work until you have a skill to use when you get to the worksite. Rope Access is only a way to reach the worksite, you'll need to do something once you get ther.
  6. C&G are good quals however, a welding apprenticeship takes anything up to 4 years to complete - so a 4 day course doesn't cut the mustard, that being said the more training you receive the better chance you have of getting a start with a company. In general, most training is good for you, just make sure you are selective with it as you could end up spending a huge amount of cash on nonrelevant stuff - for example, getting your BOSIET before you have any skills built up - thats a classic mistake made by many
  7. you won't pick up any work being a L1 but assessed as a 2. Employers arent bothered about this, they want the work done at the best possible price. Get your IRATA level 1 then you at least have a chance of being put in an inspection team assisting the qualified inspectors. Work your way up from there, it's hard but can be done, once done though the rewards make it worthy.
  8. I personally have never much rated Petzl ID but see how IRATA has to try and compensate for the lowest common denominator - they have to try to make everything totally bullet proof. Some noobs start with absolutely no background in work at height, climbing etc so i kinda see the point. I too like the RIG new users should always be working under the close supervision of a L3.
  9. What is this? is it to do with telecommunications?
  10. Its good that you know the timespans involved; I see fundamental issue tho in that you won't get any work with your MPI level1 / ECI Level1 as no one will employ L1s in that capacity on an actual job. Your UT 1 won't bring much in either until you get more experience at it and can move up another level. Id suggests concentrating on your skills and improving them before you even think about taking them offshore. Your GWO training is relatively expensive so you dont want to waste that on training you dont need just yet.
  11. Do you know how long it will take you to achieve the qualifications you listed above? You are looking at a considerable amount of time, I'm not sure if it will fit into your current leave schedule.
  12. I could not copy the link correctly so I copy pasted this for you from a link i founds here, its got info for repair / painting but your electrical situation is similer:
  13. What specification were you working to? Also, what type of indication were you looking at? I've seen techs rejecting cold lap on a weld thinking it was a lack of fusion in the sidewall, this has been overruled by their L3.
  14. By 'level 3' I guess you mane the NDT L3 and not the rope access L3 on the job? You have posted this in the rope access forum and not the ndt one so clarification would be good. You also dont mention which type of inspection was being carried out - a radiograph for example may be viewed by many and accepted rejected by multiple people before the end process. If it was NDT L3 then (s)he would have to have seen the defect in order to comment.
  15. I suppose it would depend on the situation you were using them with? What scenario did you have in mind?
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