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  1. Yep, thanks guys. I've contacted with several training centers and as I understand I need to pay VAT, however, it will be returned later by the government (if I request). Seems that the procedure is too complicated and I will visit the UK with another opportunity. One more time, thanks for your help.
  2. hope I will understand the trainer without this technology)))
  3. )))) Btw, an interesting movie about the Scotish accent.
  4. admin, thanks. Well, in any country could be places with specific language which is hard for understanding even for a native speaker from another region. Will make enquires to some companies that you've highlighted, seems that they are located predominantly in Scotland and in England a few only.
  5. Hi guys, I'm from Ukraine and now I'am considering a possibility to take my L3 in the UK. Of course I have options closer to my country but the tickets are cheap so I would like to travel around the UK for a couple of weeks as well. However, I've heard that some regions have accents that are quite hard for understanding (Liverpool, Scotish maybe) so I just worry that I won't understand the trainer because of the accent. Last year I worked with two Englishmen from the Northern England and had no problems with communication. Whan is your opinion about it or it's just exaggerated rumors?
  6. Aha, i supposed about Abseil Access because they have branches in ChCh and Wellington as well.
  7. Thanks, it encourages me because I would like to live in ChCh but worry that I will not find a RA job there. By the way did you work in Abseil Access?
  8. Oh I just have recieved an answer from immi nz. "Dear Sergey Thank you for contacting us. If your job description matches substantially with the ANZSCO then you can claim points for having skilled employment. If you have a job offer or you have been working for less than 12 months in your role you will get 50 points. You can claim points for your qualification even though it is not relevant to your occupation." Also want to add to this answer that you have worked in NZ more than 12 months then you can get 60 points.
  9. I thought that in Cristchirch predominantly is residential construction so RA is not used widely, no?
  10. Aha,this year I also had a proposition in Auckland with the salary around 20 NZD with level 2. About immigration))) 3 days I also made an enquiry to NZ immi with the same question. I hope next week I will have an answer. Actually with WHV immigration is much more easy than for me (WHV it is not avaliable for my country). After you will work a year or less in NZ you can claim 50 points (I think that you have seen the points table at their website). So it means that if you will claim enough points for your age and education you can try to get residence under Skilled Migrant Category eve
  11. DeafAbseiler Thanks! Now I think to try in NZ with L2 or to wait for L3 (this spring I hope). Do construction (not RA) companies in NZ, Australia use RA supervisors?
  12. super!!! it means that nothing is impossible. Nice to hear, because this example inspires me to try the same. may be in Australia, may be in NZ, may be in Canada but nevertheless. By the way, guys, is suitable to find supervisor position in these countries (espesially i'm interested in NZ) with IRATA L2 and 3 years of supervisors experience+some unique project experience or Level 3 is suitable only?
  13. Hi and Thanks, Admin! As I saw at "Talon" website, PCN is based on ISO 9712 and my certificate also is based on ISO 9712. Please, don't think that I'm trying to convince you that my cert is valid for EU, I just want to understand how it is in real ))) Do you have the word PCN in your certificates? Is PCN an organization? I have found ASNT website but I couldn't find PCN website. Do they have it?
  14. Does anybody know? I can try to ask another way: do you see any reasons why this cert can't be valid in Eourope?
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