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  1. Also think about it like this... some people spend 3-4 years and thousands of pounds in debt to get degrees which it takes them years of searching and they never get a job with it.... 2 weeks is nothing these days mate just keep looking
  2. Just keep applying mate, know it's a pain in the arse but pays off. Took me about 4 weeks of applying for everything in sight and ringing firms up and finally got a full time start. You've got a much better recent work history than me as well. Good luck
  3. Bit of an update for everyone... Finally after a month got myself a job! Start next month. Work is general operative so will be mostly de-vegging, bit of painting, general maintenance. Luckily the firm will be supplying all equipment at first, harness and even PPE so no need to splash out any more just yet. Now just got me first drop to look forward to
  4. Cheers fella. The work connections are only potential at the moment, I'm realistic and it's early days but feeling confident, gonna start looking properly when I get a chance on Monday. Will keep the board updated Trainers name was John at OPS, was absolutely on top of everything and wouldn't let any of us have a break til we got a maneuver right but kept us calm and was patient with everyone. Was 4 of us on the L1 and some of us were proper bricking it on Tues n weds (for me personally re-belay was a struggle) but by end of Thursday we were all confident and on Friday we all pass
  5. Hello all.. an update.. just passed level 1! The course was great. Not gonna lie it was proper graft and a lot to take in, and in the first 2 days there were a lot of sticking points but all worth it. In terms of work I've got a couple of things lined up so been quite fortunate. Anyone reading this who's in the new start position and is a bit unsure I would suggest just go for it. Not sure if I'm allowed to go into too many details about the company or instructor I had but they were top notch, If you're in the NW/Liverpool area I'd defo recommend OPS.
  6. Cheers! Yeah I'm looking forward to it. The woman over the phone (also an instructor) said that 99% of people end up aching even if they go gym 5 times a week cos its a lot of core work that most people simply ain't used to. TBH it's theory/exams that worry me, sure it's the same with most people. Time to buy a load of rope and practise tying them bunny knots....
  7. Hi all, bit of an update Have got the week off work and booked into the IRATA L1 course and start next month... not gonna lie I'm a bit nervous but guessing it's the same with everyone! Been years since I've been in education or had to learn anything new. Plan from now til then is to watch as many youtube videos as possible on tying all the knots and doing the manoeuvres, got a rough idea what's gonna be happening but obviously there's nothing that beats hands-on experience. In terms of work I've rung round a few firms (mostly windowcleaning) and had a bi
  8. Have just filled out the personnel profile, cheers Admin. To be honest I'm just basing job ad info on websites like Indeed, Monster, Reed etc, obviously thinking about it these probably aren't the best! Also from browsing company websites across the UK (originally from London and have lived in the SW so wouldn't mind relocating if necessary) Will get the CPack as soon as I start my IRATA L1 training, which will hopefully be in a few weeks.
  9. Hi all, Off the back of this thread, I've just applied for a trainee rig inspection position with K2. Since I live in the UK and have no connections to Singapore this is probably a tremendously wild shot in the dark but I didn't see anything on there about only open to Singapore nationals, and if you never ask you never know. If by some microscopic chance I'm successful, obviously I'll update the forum!
  10. Wow, 2 great replies, thanks lads. Have just made an account, cheers. Was planning on doing this after taking IRATA L1. Just waiting to be approved... Is it really only 20%? Surprising considering almost every job I've seen advertised requires L3. That's given me a bit of encouragement though! Yeah cash flow is a bit of a concern, outgoings are pretty minimal at the moment though (average rent/bills, no kids yet) and currently working on securing a part-time eve/weekend bar job as a bit of a safety net so it ain't gonna just b
  11. Hi all, thanks for having me on here. I'll get straight into it: I'm 30 years old and stuck in a dead-end office job. Absolutely hate the sedentary lifestyle and "office culture", and if I don't take a jump now it'll never happen. But first need a bit of advice... Bit of background: got a lot of experience when younger labouring on-site (still got an in-date CSCS card, just) and don't mind getting my hands dirty, however never learned a trade (kids of my generation were encouraged to do A-levels instead of go to work) although I do hold a level 2 plumbing cert from ye
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