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  1. It seems to be in this business not what you know but who you know, so if you dont know anyone who could possibly get you a job or you haven't got thousands of pounds worth of tickets behind you then i would save your money.
  2. It was four weeks when i posted the comment, its now 10 weeks and i have had offers of a couple of days work here and there but I'm in full time employment so i couldn't take it.
  3. It' been four weeks now o86 and the only thing I've heard back from anybody is wanting me to fill online details for future reference (2 companies) oh sorry and been turned down by can ltd even tho they are still advertising for technicians. Id be lying if i wasn't asking myself if id done the right thing in spending £800 of my money to do the course(i say my money i do have a wife and two children so its our money not mine)but I'm not going to give up just yet. Have been told it's not the best time of year to be picking work up so will have to see what happens in the new year now.
  4. What dish monkey said in 2011 about getting offered two weeks work then having to turn it down because he had a full time job ( even though he really wanted to get started) struck a chord. Like to know how it worked out for him?
  5. Hi admin I posted a comment last week about getting started in the industry and you were kind enough to comment, my experience is in construction from site fabrication on architectural metalwork to fitting fall protection for many years which I'm still doing. Just looking for people' comments who have been in my position to see if it worked out for them.
  6. Hi everyone I've noticed when your comments were posted and wondering how your all doing? I'm in the same position now as you were then I passed my L1 three weeks ago with no job offers yet but wanting to get started in the industry as soon as possible.It would be really good to hear from anybody who posted a comment and to hear about your experiences.
  7. Hi everyone have noticed the dates the comments were posted and just wondering how your all doing now with your jobs? As I'm in the same position now six years later, passed my L1 three weeks ago but no offers yet. I also really want to get started in the industry as soon as possible but also im in a full time position with a wife and two daughters so would be very hesitant to pack my job in for a couple of weeks work. Really interested in how everyone is doing.
  8. Do you have experience in these fields? Because every job I've seen advertised they want people with relevant experience, it doesn't matter if you've never done it on ropes you still need to know what your doing.
  9. No I didn't, I've been in construction for many years as a site fixer of architectural and secondary metalwork and now currently fall protection such as walkways gantries cat ladders absail rails and anchors,I have C&G metal fabrication as well as C&G in mma welding and IPAF, PASMA, abrasive wheel, first aid, latchways, sssts but none of it seems to be transferable. I didnt think i was going to walk straight into a job but its been just over two weeks now sice i got my L1 and not heard anything back yet, and I've sent my cv out to many companies.
  10. How the hell do you get started in this industry when no one will give you a chance?
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