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  1. Admin I know the forum has been quiet since this idea, but It`s a great idea to maybe start this with the active people and the word will spread to get it up and going again. Just from the few days of being on here I have gotten some great advice. Everyone should have a printing company close to them and if we just use colours from the colour palette it should be fine. Could add "blood groups" on there too?
  2. I would have anyways paid for the level 2 at a later stage... I just thought that NDT courses also work like the IRATA, that you need a certain amount of hours before you can upgrade to level 2? BUT if not then I will try and do all the courses like that. Would save me time in the end. Then again, would a level 2 be worth hiring with no experience?
  3. Thank you for the input guys, I do really appreciate it. mattyf, I will contact the training center and ask them about it
  4. Yes I know, I did not want to do it in my leave schedule... I made an excel sheet with prices and days it take to do the courses. That is just what I`m looking at while I build up my hours. Doing the current job to save up so that i can do that while earning a level 1 pay.
  5. Yes, I have had IRATA for a year already, the company that trained me said I am more than welcome to join them again when I`m back in South Africa. I contacted them in last week. Rigging was the next course i wanted to do and then started with NDT courses. ( MAGNETIC PARTICLE TESTING 1 (MT 1) MPI , ULTRASONIC TESTING 1 (UT 1) , EDDY CURRENT TESTING 1 (ECT 1) , ULTRASONIC WALL THICKNESS 1 (WT 1) UTM ) Are others I should rather look at than what I mentioned?
  6. I don`t have any qualified skills with certificates apart from the level 1 IRATA. I had a transport business with trucks (Horse and Trailer) that transported containers. We worked on our trucks ourselves. Had my own signage business so rigged my own signs and built my own frames and light-boxes, etc. Wrapped cars, Vinyl and Plasti-dip spray. Taught myself how to design on coral draw (has no value here) I am currently a Project Manager for a construction business in Saudi Arabia. (working away from home 10.5 months out of the year) I am a fast learner and hard worker an
  7. Do we have active member here that work on wind farms that could give us more advice about it? I have 0 hours logged at the moment... So building hours would be my start. Doing the correct qualifications while i`m doing that would be the best for me now... So any and all advice would be appreciated
  8. I have read on a previous post by "BladeSpecialist" about the missions you have to go through to get qualified because each company wants a different qualification. We are now 2 years closer to 2020 since this post, could anyone tell us more? Would it be advised to do course that was mentioned in his post? If this is 100% happening it would not be a bad thing for us, right? Info below http://hornseaprojectone.co.uk/en/About-the-project#0
  9. Good Morning admin. Scrolling through the forum and getting some information... When I want to open the link it tells me that I must upgrade. Is it the 34.99 pounds? Is that a lifetime or yearly subscription? What will that allow me to do and will it benefit me, who wants to start in the industry? Also, the Rope Access Career Pack (CPack) What do you get with that? and what is the pricing? Thank you in advance.
  10. Hey all South Africans edit (and others reading) Why did this part of the forum go so quiet? The UK boys are still posting and helping each other... Lets do the same Post where you currently work, if there`s positions open, what qualifications are they looking for at the moment? OR just past experiences and stories you have from working on the Ropes... Looking forward to hear from you guys.
  11. Thank you Admin I finally made a profile :-) No more guest`ing
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