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  1. Good suggestion admin, is this something that a newbie could take on with no prior experience outside of arboriculture? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I've been climbing trees now for six years and while I love the job it is starting to get repetitive so earlier this year I took and passed my level 1. A L3 friend of mine said to me that geo work would be the way to go but so far I've found it quite a tough nut to crack with regards to getting sponsorship for a medical, drug/alcohol screening test for the PTS course. I appreciate that we're in the midst of a pandemic currently so things are more difficult, I'm posting this largely to reach out and see if anyone knows of companies willing to sponsor at this point in time? I'm nor
  3. Hi, thanks for taking the time to read this, I'm an arborist / tree surgeon based in Manchester, north west UK. I feel like I've got as far as I can with this industry now so I am looking at a career change, something similar that involves heights and working outdoors of which I love both. A friend of mine has been in this industry for years and suggested it might be a good idea as a move which got me thinking and lead me to this forum. As of yet I don't have any rope access industry experience or qualifications however I will be taking my level 1 in February / March of next year. I'm
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