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  1. Thanks for the fast reply!! I was looking at a couple geotech companies up in Scotland and from what I've heard it isn't easy work but that doesn't bother me, I enjoy being in the thick of it. I'm willing to do anything required to get my foot in the door and stay in, whether that's the nasty jobs no one else wants to do or hard labour. I bought the career pack and it says about going into ndt further down the line but I don't think I'm smart enough to go that route
  2. Hi all! I plan to book my irata 1 in the new year (get Christmas out the way first!) I've spoken to a couple people in the field and have been advised to also go for my confined space, blasting and spraying and an ipaf ticket. Im coming from lorry driving so have no transferable skills other than the fact that I'm an incredibly hard worker and have the will to learn and succeed! I'm 20 at the moment and looking at this career path as something to invest into so any tips or any constructive comments would be appreciated
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