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  1. I currently work for a rope access firm that specialises installing signs/banners for big name clients all over the UK. This also includes minor scaffold frame building amongst other things. The jobs are always different and has helped me gain a lot of confidence on a rope and also experience working with a whole range of tools on a rope. We are also sub-contracted to a company that installs and services smoke vents around prisons, shopping centres etc. Could you point me in the right direction of a trade that is high in demand off shore so I can look into courses as I’m pretty certain that’s
  2. Morning all, I have been working in the rope access industry for 1/2 years now and am fond of working off shore. I am a level 1 IRATA but will complete the level 2 course if it were to ensure acceptance of a job on rigs. If anyone knows of any work going or any course, certs etc please don’t hesitate to respond or get in contact with me. thanks. Colin - 07732119898
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