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  1. Oppenheimer, no, Sir! Zaicliff, it's not easy, thank you so much!
  2. Thanking you infinitely for the answer, you made my day and probably my next year! It is much too hard than I can understand, so far, but even if I know I need a miracle, starting with the UK driving licence first and then my own car. It will take longer but I would like to do this. Still the question is how to find such companies, a research won't give the answers. Thank you once again, Claudia
  3. Hello everybody, Planning to achieve my IRATA Level 1 on March next year. No car or equipment yet or experience in this field, besides I'm a woman. Is this mission impossible? Reading about so many people having so many and various, such incredible skills. I wonder if starting this is really possible. I still don't know if there are companies that provide the necessary equipment and travel or if there is someone willing to make his / her own team. There are many questions I would like to get an answer but not very clear where to start from. The only thing I know is that is not a prob
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