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Nigeria Rope Access

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Hello friend

I am just writing to you to know if you still looking for a rope access level 1 to be part of a team in nigeria, and if so, I would like to know how could I be a part of that team, if is possible, please could you send me contact details?



Please do not add your cv to the forum. Upload your CV from your options panel here:


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  • Administrators

Where are you Pablo? Will you be away for long?

Still cleaning up in the SNS, hotel based month 14 & counting. More than I can say for CAPE & PSN who have just had there money cut again......

For the record boys, I have no involvement in Nigeria, NDT or baby sitting, the original post was favor......

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  • Root Admin

Looks like a steady number for you, glad the 'net access is OK. Bet it's a bit muggy down there at the moment, best get yourself up to the air conditioned bar and have a cold one!

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