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Bringing The Rigg-Access.Com Family Together

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  1. 1. Will you wear a <IRATA + Rigg-Access.com> iron-on logo or helmet sticker?


Onshore... Offshore... Countries to countries...

Our Rigg-Access.com brethren travel far and wide, all over the World.

In the real World, we could be working side-by-side without knowing that we knew each other in this cyber space.

So here's a suggestion that will help us identify each other, AND advertise for Rigg-Access.com:

1. Helmet stickers

2. Iron-on Logos for Coveralls

3. Small waterproof tags on harness shoulder straps (like those on luggages)

Any of these ideas will be cool.

Other than our logo and "Rigg-Access.com", it can probably include IRATA logo, and Level # (optional, maybe color-coded like PCN).

Skeptics out there will ask how do we distribute?

Well, it's just a small trouble if we're really keen.

Here's how:

1. Provide the official templates online for download.

This will allow individuals, companies, and training centres to aid the distribution. (and even insert names, or Co. names in the given space)


A big step for Rigg-Access.com to become the de facto resource for our industry, is to be recognized by Companies and Training Centres worldwide.

Our forum have been advertising their names and bringing them candidates for so many years!

With their agreement, we can proceed to the next step, supplying the stickers/iron-on logos.

- a. Sponsored by Rigg-access.com

Contact a print workshop, local to selected TC/Co, submit logo and payment online, delivery to TC/Co. address.

- b. Sponsored by Training Centres

Let TC/Co contact their preferred print workshop, add their TC/Co. name (optional).

I don't expect every TC/Co. to agree to this, but as long as 1 company and a few individuals are willing, it's a good start.

If the people of Rigg-Access.com are in favor of this idea, I can conduct a market survey on all TC/Co. in Asia to see if they're interested to take part in this campaign. Designing the Logo will be an easy task too. =)


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If you really are so desperate for cash, maybe if you ask them nicely they will pay you to have their logo tattooed somewhere on your body?

Wondering how much Rigg-access is going to pay, for walking / abseling advertising/ marketing human??

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Admin :D


I know the forum has been quiet since this idea, but It`s a great idea to maybe start this with the active people and the word will spread to get it up and going again. Just from the few days of being on here I have gotten some great advice.

Everyone should have a printing company close to them and if we just use colours from the colour palette it should be fine. Could add "blood groups" on there too? 

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