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Anchoring Ropes On Pipework?

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Ok Ladies and Gents looking for some info I am not a Rope Tech but have worked on projects with a lot of you guys in North Sea and abroad I am currently on a project offshore Angola and have been having a few issues with the Rope Tech Lvl 3 mainly around what is and what is not suitable for using as anchors for the ropes.so here is the questions

1)Is it acceptable to have both ropes slung over the top of a live 24" Cunifer pipe with the rope tech 15 feet in the air ?

2) Is it acceptable to use any type of pipework as anchor. Live or offline ?

I say it is not acceptable to use any type of pipe work ... he says it is acceptable.

3)If the answer to above questions is unacceptable could you give info of where to find this in black and white as I have checked IRATA and LOLER and foun no reference.

Your help would be apreciated

Cheers Lads

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This sounds to me more like a personality clash? Rigging from pipework is acceptable in all places but risk assessment based ops should always plan for acceptable work plans. Rigging points should be placed by the L3 based on their load bearing ability, heat, abrasion, anchor spreading etc should all come into play during the planning process.

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Thanks gents for taking the time to answer

1) shed 10 24" Cuni

2) point taken - But how will he know if he dosn'e ask first ?

Quote : 30 years Oil & Gas construction Welder --- Welding Supervisor ---- Welding GF ----- Offshore Construction Supervisor ----- HSSE Advisor.

3) no onboard strucy

But thanks any way.

Wild bill - No personality clash worked with the lad for 2 years just battle of wills ... no malice .... just who's right..... and I think you 2 just cost me a Mars Bar and tube of Pringles

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Sorry mondosafe but pipework rigging is done a lot of the time, as mentioned above though, care has to be taken to ensure loadings are acceptable.

What about a coke for the lad too? those pringles are awfully dry har har har...

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Rigging off pipe is quite common, though check company or site procedures first. I would avoid any cuni line, it is quite thin walled, and also any kind of drains etc, they are often weak or subject to internal corrosion and are rarely inspected for WT. Personally I am happy in 12 inch and up with privisos as above (heat, pipe support spacing etc) but some companys will go with 6 inch and up. Best to use two different line if possible and no structural anchors nearby, imho.

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and has passed the worlds most rigorous industry test (his L3 Rope Access qualification).

No joke.

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