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A Rope Access Career From 5 Minutes In...

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DA - sounds waay to strenuous for my creaking limbs! Think I'd be better off starting out on Cylinders 5 minute technique to clear the mind first...

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Hi everyone, I've started this thread to chronicle my exploits in Rope Access, and hopefully some of you find that it sheds some light on the realities of our industry. I'm relatively new to this indu

That's me on the ship, far right of the group on the open hatch. Got this photo off of another published website. That Merc is hanging underneath the chopper.


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DA - sounds waay to strenuous for my creaking limbs! Think I'd be better off starting out on Cylinders 5 minute technique to clear the mind first...

Mate, I've seen old Grandmas do yoga and they get along just fine, like I said, start with beginner's and work your way up! Go at your own pace, respect your limits and it's not a competition! Either way, you're on the right track!

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Holy heck it's been a while since I updated this thread! To make some extremely long stories shorter, here's the rundown on my current situation.

- Gained my IRATA L2 last week from 5th Point NZ. Got a very good pass from Assessor Dan, stoked!

- Worked the C & B Block shutdowns at Marsden Oil Refinery for the last couple months, mostly rigging but a few abseils thrown in too. Won a couple safety awards for removing fall from height hazards (200+ items over 5 weeks)

- Granted NZ Citizenship earlier this year... now able to work in Oz unrestricted, haha... but seriously, yeow!

- Started subcontracting for some jobs instead of being an employee, still getting my head around all the paperwork, insurance and other requirements but it's a good challenge.

Looking for some new challenges now, after 3 months on the road working and training, I have a couple weeks at home with the missus to recharge my batteries and refocus on the next few months.

Thinking of basic rigger's tickets first, and then getting offshore ready with opito bosiet huet etc. And finally a holiday overseas for the first time in 6 years. A feral surf trip into the Sumatran jungle looks most likely.

Hope all's well with the rest of ya's! Feel free to join the conversation here with your thoughts and comments.

Edit: Oh yeah, and I have a really dirty moustache too... never abseil without one.

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  • Root Admin

Great to have you back!! Sorry to hear about the moustache though 8-(

Working as a sub-contracter will get you a better rate all the time, yes it's a hassle but your tax affairs will be in order and you'll end up getting a lot more flexibility with it in the longer term - good idea all round that one..!

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Awesome Mate!

As for offshore in OZ, Rigging is the way to go, but look into getting up to advanced, more useful for Offshore (that's what I was told at least...) and Bosiet now covers HUET and EBS (Emergency breathing system) I recommend ERGT in Perth, but they have a training facility in Melbourne, fun course!

Best of luck!

p.s. I recommend Baler in the Philippines for surfing, great quiet place, nice surf there at Charlie's point (Where they filmed Apocalypse Now) but avoid staying in Manila for too long!

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Alrighty so things are about to kick off again in a week or so...

Have a nz passport on the way. Shelved the indo holiday for next year (or maybe altogether as it seems played out over there). Missus is sated and although sad, okay with me leaving for an extended period of work and training.

Flying to Perth on the 16th, to start a package of courses with Site Skills Australia.

1st week - Dogging

1st Saturday - Working at Heights

2nd week - Basic Rigging

2nd Saturday - Confined Space

3rd week - Intermediate Rigging

4th week - Advanced Rigging

I've only got a one way ticket as I'll get straight into door knocking around Perth for both rope access and rigging work. Should be a hectic month of study, catching up with most of my mates who live there, and hunting for a restorable Toyota Stout to pour my free time into.

More updates to follow as I leave clean green NZ for the red swathes of Western Australia.

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  • Root Admin

Good to hear from you again!

I reckon you'll fly through the rigging after all that salvage work you did, it was great experience. Perth is busy right now so it's a good time to get in there and get some cash generated, good luck with the stout - check out this bad boy:


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  • 3 years later...

I am still alive!

This forum appears to be a little bit dead these days, I hadn't logged in for ages personally. Hope there's still a few people getting around the traps?

Not really sure how to sum up the last 6 years so I'll just list off a few things I suppose; wind farms, solar farms, radio masts, iron ore and gold mining, telecommunications rigging, blasting & painting, rope access welding, sailing, travelling Oz in my troopcarrier, surfing from the North West to the South West, the Southern Ocean, and the East Coast, a couple sharks, hearts broken, mended and broken again, writing, singing, meditating, getting lost, indonesia, body surfing, injuries, friends, tragedy, death, new nieces and nephews, and finding a place in this mad mad world.









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  • Root Admin

That sounds like a right blast Cylinders..! How are you finding the meditation? Is it really as good as I've heard?

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It is - I would recommend it to everyone on Earth. That might sound trite but I really would!

Easiest way to start is just 5 minutes a day focusing on your breathing and go from there.

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