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Rigging Ropes From Hand Railings Offshore.

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I'm looking for a few opinions on this one please.

Some guys say its a complete no no, never rig from railings, others say yes, railings are fine as long as they are risk assesed correcly.

How do you guys feel about it?

Do you feel the need to see the interior of the tubing in order to check for corrosion if you are going to use them as anchor points, or do you just look at the state / age of the vessels to determine if they are ok?

Does anyone know the loads that typical (?) handrails are designed to support or fail at?

Are you comfortable rigging both anchor points around the same railing if it is a double support post? (where 2 sections of railings meet and it has 2 x uprights next to each other)

Can anyone point me to any legislation or guidlines that deal with railings as anchor points / does such a thing exist?

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If and when I only have Handrails that can be used as anchor points, first I will look if I can use some structure instead, if not, I'll check the base of the handrails (or wherever it is bolted into structure) for rust/corrosion and make sure that all the bolts are present. I don't feel comfortable using any other part of the handrail. I usually kick the base and give it a shake and if it looks solid, I'm ok with it. BUT I never use just 2 handrail bases, always 3 or more if possible. W-hang off of those, Y-hang that W-hang, if you can. Always try to spread the load as best as you can so there is a low loading on the handrails.

As for Legislation/guideline, not sure, but as always, have a backup line, using separate anchors if possible.

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Does it matter how long it takes to rig the job, if a handrail is the only option then it's obvious to share the load.

And shouldn't the eight man team be able to rig their own ropes and just get the level 3 to check it before they get on the ropes. Fair enough for a brand new level 1, but you wouldn't have a team of brand new techs.

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Handrails. I don't rig off them, period. Seen enough handrails fall apart and holes in the bases (i.e. where the water collects), all suspect. If there is no alternative anchor, don't do the job. There is almost always an alternative. Lets be honest, if you cannot rig off process pipe work on most platforms, then why would a handrail be acceptable ?

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Yay, an alternative view point! Fight fight fight (just kidding)

On a serious note, Everyone who has commented so far seems to treat handrails just like any other (perhaps slightly suspect) anchor point, justifying their use with good inspection techniques and/or the use of anchor load sharing.

But to me, 15kn is an important number here. As I understand it, 15kn is minimum force an anchor must withstand before it fails, (That's 1.5 tons!) And that minimum strength only applies when both ropes are backed up to both anchors.

This makes me have a bit of doubt...

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