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Rope Access Welder / Boilermaker Rates In Australia

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Guest Michael

Hey I'm currently a 4th year apprentice boilermaker on my last year of my trade and was highly thinking about stepping into the career parth of RA welding/boilermaking and was wondering what is the hourly rate here in Australia? (level 1) 


Thanks in advance

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  • Root Admin

Hi Michael

Your Rope Access level rarely dictates how much you are paid, your rate is decided by what skills you bring to the table - welding is in demand in most global locations so is a good transfer into Rope Access. Rates tend to vary a lot depending on what sector you are in. I can see from our live rates table that you are looking somewhere in the region of $40AUD - $74AUD per hour, depending on actual qualifications held and skills available.

For any premium account holders reading this, figures for other rope access disciplines pay rates for Australia (and the rest of the world) are here:


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  • 3 months later...

Hi Admin and Michael,

It's been a very long time hasn't it!

Just a quick heads up for Michael, I've been working in the mining and wind energy industry for the past 3 years here in Australia and can give a small insight into the rates for BMs. A BM is usually given a slightly higher rate than rigger ropies or slightly less than level 3 ropies.

That might sound great, but I've been on multiple shutdowns where the BMs on the ground are making more than the BMs on the ropes. It's a head scratcher for sure but basically it comes down to the market differences between rope access and engineers. The rope access industry is constantly dropping rates as it is so competitive and the big mining operators play the rope companies against one another to lower the bottom line. Engineering marketplace is much more established and stable so the long term operators have risen to the top and stay there, with stable rates and less competition from upstarts.

There are still stable/high paying rope companies but they are basically all called Vertech.

i wouldn't recommend getting your rope ticket with the idea of making more money, if that is your only motivation. It will be a few years until the RA market recovers if it does at all. Rates just fell again last month at a few companies according to a friend of mine.

There are still highly paid niche markets such as wind energy (GWO or similar training req'd) or offshore oil and gas (high level welding req'd of 6G++). But you've gotta find a way in and then hang on for dear life!

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