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Advice from this team would be appreciated

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Hey everyone, 

   My names Jerome and I have been very interested in taking the Rope Access training for sometime now. My ultimate goal would be to work offshore and of course have the correct training under my belt. I guess getting down to my question; I have 15 years of Drilling rig experience, I worked every position from lease hand to Driller (I know that none of these positions have or require Rope Access, lol). But does having this oilfield experience help me in anyway with finding a job in Rope Access related work? Am I able to get a job on or offshore as a Level 1 without any other courses under my belt (besides rig knowledge and labourer) or should I look into finding another course and/or schooling for a better combination of skills to go along with R.A.T.? Maybe something like welding inspections? 

   Preferably I would like to complete my level 1 and start in the work force so I can  accumulate hours and experience and while working.. work towards more skill sets.. 

    Anyhow, since I’m not sure how this industry completely works all I know is I much want to change my career away from drilling holes in the ground and I would love to join a rope access team. Any information would greatly help me and I really would appreciate any knowledge anyone would be willing to pass along.

Thank you for your time.


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