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So the hunt begins

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I made probably a error of judgement taking my level one recently and finding out the markets in a sorry state of affairs.


So here's the crack I'm a newly qualified level 1, going to be doing medium risk confined once it opens up (due to covid) and CCNSG.


I'm looking for any opportunity to start working wether it be just a couple of days here and there. Don't mind traveling (UK and abroad) if anyone knows of anything feel free to get in contact.



07517 841099

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  • Root Admin

Most industry sectors are struggling right now so all is not lost.

You don't mention what your skills are so no one can really help you right now. Rope Access is a means to access a worksite, you have to actually do something once there. The skills and capability you have to do the work are what will dictate how employable you are and not the Rope Access level or amount of safety tickets.

Make sure you have an up to date profile in your rigg-access personnel account, your latest CV is uploaded together with all relevant certification. You can use your account to make speculative job enquiries directly to companies who have employed personnel with your skillset in the past - this is way more effective than just cold calling etc.

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