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Hello everybody,

Planning to achieve my IRATA Level 1 on March next year. No car or equipment yet or experience in this field, besides I'm a woman. Is this mission impossible? Reading about so many people having so many and various, such incredible skills. I wonder if starting this is really possible. I still don't know if there are companies that provide the necessary equipment and travel or if there is someone willing to make his / her own team.

There are many questions I would like to get an answer but not very clear where to start from. The only thing I know is that is not a problem for me to start a new profession no matter how difficult that can be.

I hope someone has a few minutes spare time to help me understand more.

Thank you in advance indeed!



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  • Root Admin

Hi Claudia

Welcome to the forum!

There are a lot of women working in Rope Access, not a huge amount by percentage but enough all the same to let you know that what you are asking is achievable.

Like most careers, Rope Access depends on what other skills you can bring to the table, however, that may not necessarily just be qualifications or experience - what is almost as important is having the right mindset to achieve your aims.

You seem to have that 'go for it' attitude which is really important - starting from the bottom is difficult, tough even, but still achievable with determination.

A lot of companies supply kit, I'd go so far as to say its the majority who supply kit so that becomes less of an issue for you. The only issue I see is your transport situation which is relatively straightforward to solve.

All this people with excellent skills you read about all had to start somewhere.

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Thanking you infinitely for the answer, you made my day and probably my next year! It is much too hard than I can understand,  so far, but even if I know I need a miracle, starting with the UK driving licence first and then my own car. It will take longer but I would like to do this. 

Still the question is how to find such companies, a research won't give the answers. 

Thank you once again,


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  • Root Admin

I'm glad I could help.!

For training companies, see our main website here:


You can see operational companies (who employ techs) by selecting it from the drop down list on the page above. There are a lot of other resources in the main site that you can use for more information, I'd encourage you to take a look around.

In addition to the above, there's a Facebook group here which will be a big help for you for inspiration and guidance:

We're available to help here anytime so post any questions etc and we'll do our best to help.

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Hi Claudia! 

I've been doing rope access for almost 2 months now and actually made a post about my whole journey which you might find something useful in. 

Getting the 1st job will be the hardest, it gets easier from there. Personally I was lucky enough to find a company looking for trainees. 

In rope access it's all about who you know so put a lot of focus into networking, linkedin, fb groups, asking friends if they know anyone in the field, job sites, etc

And with my very limited experience I don't think being a woman will hinder you, I've met a lady doing rope access at a refinery, sure you'll have a unique set of challenges that men don't have but there are pros to being a woman in this line as well. 

It'll be tough but you got this! Wish you all the best. 


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Claudia, some of the best techs I have worked with have been women. In fact my favourite Level 3 was a young lady that I started working alongside when she had first attained her Level 1 qualifications (I hang around at Level 2 cause I like being on the tools haha). There are many skills that are applicable in RA and it's not necessary to have any of them when beginning though it certainly helps! Window cleaning is a great place to start, as the varied nature of the rigging, combined with a repetitive and relatively straightforward task will allow you to focus on becoming proficient in setting up your ropes correctly across many different pitches, anchors and materials, whilst the window that needs cleaning for the most part is the same as the last. It will also give you good dynamics on the ropes as you will have to learn to reach places just beyond where you thought you could, and you will most likely be working in a small to medium sized team where working together is as important as working quickly. Another decent entry level job is working the monthly billboard changeouts, that is if London has any of the fabric type advertising billboards stretched across frames attached to buildings. Keep your eyes peeled for billboards that look inaccessible to machines. Some cities have loads of em, like Auckland NZ for instance, where as other cities have almost none.

I've no idea about the scene in London as I'm a Southern Hemisphere fella, but most rope companies in my experience value attitude and aptitude over anything else, so don't be afraid to walk in the front door of a place you'd like to work and ask them for a job. Make sure you've got a CV and your ID's with you, and be ready to tell them a bit about yourself and what drew you to the profession in the first place. They'll be much more likely to hire someone who has a firm idea of why they are there standing in front of them then someone just ringing up for a job.

Bon chance!

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