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Insurance for Singapore rope access technician

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Hi I'm a 21 year old Singaporean who is starting his 1st day on the job this Monday. 

I've been searching insurance that will cover me in the event I get injured at work or outside of work, get chronic illness or mental illness in the long run. Can anyone advise me? I'm struggling to find 1 that is suitable. 

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On 12/9/2020 at 7:58 PM, admin said:

I've approached various Singapore insurance companies (prudential, great eastern and NTUC). 

They catagorise jobs based on how dangerous it is so all major insurance company cover rope access technician. 

This post would be good for newcomers. 

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18 minutes ago, wild_bill said:

I've used AIA years ago for rigging jobs so would imagine they would also cover rope access by now. Its a very safe industry and well established so they've had a long time to work out there stats on working out their policies.

I'll check with them so far Prudential has classed rope access as a level 3 occupation (1 lowest risk - 4 highest risk). 

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