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Need advice for entertainment rope access route.

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Hi! I'm currently a rope access technician in the Marine, oil and gas industry (1st job) . My contract is ending in 9 months. 

I'd like to specialise and focus on the entertainment industry as that's closer to my true self. 

What jobs are there? Pay rates? How to go about finding a job in the entertainment industry as a rope acces technician? Sustainability? 

Thanks in advance :)




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23 minutes ago, wild_bill said:

Entertainment industry all over the planet is on its knees right now. Expect less salary and less time off when compared to oil and gas. Its compensated tho by the better lifestyle when you are on the road.

That sucks! But expected because of covid. 

Less salary?  In Singapore they pay a rope access rigger in the entertainment industry around $200 - $300/day depending on experience. Pretty good to me, I've only heard it from 1 person though.

What kind of jobs are there besides rigging? Any certification I should look into as well? 



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