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Rope access welding in UK

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So I have been welding for almost ten years, and enjoy what I do. Ive amassed a lot of information on the topic. I also like to climb and have been learning when in France on holidays and around some spots in the UK.

I currently have no experience working from ropes, but I have worked quite a few jobs controlling and working from various MEWP's .

Does anybody here know how Id go about finding work in this field of if its even a thing over here? 

I have a particular passion for welding aluminium at the moment and think being able to do that would be pretty fun up in the air.


Thanks in advance



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  • Root Admin

Rope Access welders are paid decent rates (depending on codings) and are in demand in most global locations. Rope Access skills are used in most countries around the world now and there's a huge market for Rope Access in the UK so it is a valid option for you.

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Maybe you'll just struggle in your first few days, because it's different working with ropes, but because you are doing wielding for almost 10 years, it will be easy for you to progress in being a rope access welder. I remember, when I'm in Trentham, I trained in UbiQ Group, it was my first time trying rope access, but then when you really work hard for it and have passion, surely you'll succeed!

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