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Lion city climber - Reflection 1 (Beginning of a new journey)

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  It started out back in 2017 with the random idea of being a window cleaner but sadly I couldn't find any jobs for it so the thought went away...until 3 years later, after many failed businesses, jobs, relationships and a chaotic time in the army the idea of being a window cleaner suddenly popped back up, I couldn't find anything again but then after further research(aka frantically searching on google) I found out that they are actually called rope access technicians! That's when everything changed...a career that gets my adrenaline pumping, requires a lot of thinking, pays well, allows me to travel the world and be my own boss kind of), that's what I always strived for. 

  I found a company offering a 9 months traineeship, it paid little but I figured it could give me the training I needed and allow me to have some jobs on my logbooks so I could get other rope access jobs easier. 

  During the Irata training I met people from all kinds of background, the other trainee joined because he got fired during the covid lockdown, a big group foreign workers from india and myanmar were there to renew level 1 and there were 2 level 2 renewing their level 2 (a lot of 2's lol). It was interesting meeting people from such diverse backgrounds and hearing their stories. 

  Long story short I passed level 1, it pushed me to my physical and mental limits but me and the other trainee passed. A big thanks to my trainer who really thought us well. 

Our 1st job was to replace a ceiling board at a hotel in town, 5 person job, 2 freelancers, 2 trainees (us) and the lvl 3 (which was my trainer by chance). 

  It was a tough day, being new we didn't know what to do and how things work so we were getting scolded for every mistake we made and everytime we didn't do something automatically but nonetheless it was still fun getting to hang 25 storeys high on my 1st job. Getting scolded and bashed was the norm for the next few days, I got a sense the freelancers enjoyed bashing on new comers instead of guiding them especially since we were trainess, maybe because we were a threat to their job. It was the first time a I noticed outright racism towards the foreign workers too, which got my blood boiling but I couldn't do anything. 

  Almost 2 months with the company I resigned, explained to my boss why I'm resigning and we wished each other all the best. Paid off the course fee using my salary as I broke my contract and was a free man. 

  To my surprise ex boss told me I could ask him anything in regards to rope access or companies around 2 days after I resigned, I wonder why. 

  Immediately after resigning I started doing everything that's thought in the CPack, updating my CV in their format, creating a separate email for rope access, etc

  1 week later, I got a call from a director letting me know the company has no work but they'll call me again when there is and tomorrow I have 1 phone interview and 1 on site interview. 

The rope access dream is still alive 😎 It's a tough road filled with ups and downs ahead but I'm ready. 

Till next time, btw I recommend linkedin, it's the best way to get a job. If anyone wants to know how I use it just lmk below. 

Best regards, 


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  • Root Admin

What a great post..!

We try to describe in the CPack its attitude that counts. Getting into Rope Access with the correct attitude can work wonders, combine this with networking with others on each job site and you have created the conditions for gaining a head start over the competition.

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